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Thank You for Supporting Ridgefield Restaurants!

Why Donate to Friends of Ridgefield Restaurants?

Your tax deductible donation will go directly towards initiatives that make our community stronger

Incentivizing Gift Card Purchases


Increase Cash Flow

Drive awareness to the fact that restaurants need cash now to weather this pandemic.  Your donation will help enable us to market gift card availability and incentivize purchases through bonus amounts, matches and prizes

Provide Meals to Community

Medical Professional

Support Those in Need and Those That Make a Difference

We will be working with local organizations to identify those in need of meals that can be purchased from local restaurants at full fare.  Additionally, we seek to show our appreciation for those that support our community, including front line health care workers and law enforcement.

Marketing Support


Help Build Awareness

We will use this website and social media to drive awareness to the things our local restaurants are doing to support our community and maintain their business.  We will work closely with restaurants to help to drive awareness of their specials and initiatives to increase their business.  We may also directly fund certain initiatives or expenses that are related to COVID hardships

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