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Support Ridgefield Restaurants

Put your money where your life is

You're not just investing in a business, you're investing in Ridgefield.


Now is your chance to give back!

Right now, our restaurants face financial and existential challenges.  COVID-19 effects have reduced the operating incomes of our restaurants by as much as 75%. 


Our local restaurants and businesses generously donate to local schools and organizations and support town-wide causes.  Now it's our chance to "give back" and thank them for supporting our community by showing community support for their businesses.

If you are a small business owner in need of help due to the impacts of COVID, please reach out to us at  

If you are able to help, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to support Ridgefield restaurants and small businesses.

100% of the net proceeds will go towards supporting small businesses.


Now is your chance to give back!



How We Serve Others

  • Facilitate donations to support Ridgefield Restaurants that are in need of support in these trying times

  • To provide high-quality Restaurant meals, purchased at full fare, to those that need a meal, a smile, or deserve recognition for their contributions to Our Community

  • Provide a communications medium for restaurants and customers

  • 100% of the net funds raised go to support local Ridgefield Restaurants. All volunteers donate their time

  • We will be transparent every step of the way, and fair to all restaurants by not choosing “winners” and “losers”


Where do the funds go?

A committee of objective volunteers from within our community will help to ensure fairness and transparency in administering the funds.  Areas of focus include:

Gift Card Sales

Reinforcing our Commitment

Incentivizing Patronage of Local Restaurants through Gift Card Sales:

In these challenging times, gift card sales enable restaurants to realize income today, helping to navigate operational expenses and maintain a strong balance sheet.  We intend to incentivize Gift Card Sales by matching a portion of Gift Card Sales as part of a marketing campaign to support participating restaurants.  


Needs Based Support & Recognition

Leveraging Our Local Restaurants to Make Our Community Stronger

Now more than ever, we have a unique opportunity to support organizations in need of meals inside and outside of our community.  Additionally, we have many local heroes in law enforcement and in front line healthcare that can and should be recognized for their contributions to our community.  We will enable our local restaurants to show those in need and those that deserve recognition to delight those valued members of our community.  Nominations are welcomed and encouraged!

Direct Investment & Marketing Support

Build Awareness and Become a Voice for Good Supporting our Local Restaurants

Our local restaurants need our support to build awareness of the services they are offering our community during this pandemic.  These awesome local establishments have made significant sacrifices, costly investments and incredible innovations in order to sustain their ability to serve our community.  We will help to drive awareness of what each business is doing and the value they provide our community.


Contact Friends of Ridgefield Restaurants 

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